3.0 How do I edit an abstract?

You may change or edit the abstract at any time up to the deadline of midnight (GMT) on January 15th, 2016. 

3.1 Log in to the Abstract Submission System Click here or the link below

3.2 There will be a list of your previously saved abstract(s).

3.3 Click on the abstract title to open the file you wish to edit and or complete.

3.4 Editing an abstract is similar to the original process except all previouslyprovided information remains.

3.5 NB: You must proceed to end of step 3 and press ‘FINISH’ to save edited changes. If you do not press “Finish” on step 3, the abstract edits will not be saved.

3.6 An email will be sent confirming that your abstract has been amended and submitted.